In order to improve our services and processes, we make service channels and mechanisms available to receive your requests, complaints, claims and/or suggestions.

Before presenting your PCC, keep in mind the following concepts:

PETITION: It is the express request by the user, for the company to carry out a specific action.

COMPLAINT: It is the manifestation of non-conformity on the part of a user before the provision of a service or the conditions of an acquired good, the reasons that originate the complaint are not established as a commitment on the part of the company.

CLAIM: It is a formal one before the breach that harms or violates a right acquired by the user and that was a declaration previously established by the company in its promise of sale.

SUGGESTION: It is a comment presented by a user with the purpose of recommending the improvement in some process of the company

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Depending on the complexity of the PCC received, a response will be given within a period of five (5) to fifteen (15) business days.